5 ways you can use olive oil to fade scars

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Olive oil is amazing on skin. It has been in use since the ancient time,it has proven its essential power to work with natural skin, it not only heals, but also soothes and brings balance to glow our natural skin. Well in this article , I set out to show you the several ways you can use this amazing oil to your skin’s advantage and guess mother was right when she said, One can never go wrong with olive oil! I totally reckon with her today.

irene kamau

irene kamau

Here are the  some of the amazing ways one can use Olive oil to give their skin the glow it dearly needs.
1. Olive oil can be used to help keep your skin firm; Take a few drops of olive oil, rub in circles on your ski, talk a warm shower and you will almost feel the difference.
2. Olive oil is also used in order to soften skin:Massage a few drops onto affected area and the scar tissue will be naturally softened, you will love the results it gives.
3. Olive oil can be used to control skin oiliness and also help maintain  the appropriate PH level for your skin, this leaves your skin with perfect glow and shine. Be sure to apply the olive oil in its pure/natural/organic state.
4. Olive oil can be used by people with acne prone skin. Just apply olive oil on your skin about 40 minutes before you go to bed, and with time you will notice more clearer and beautiful skin. Or make a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice, make sure the lemon juice is half the amount of olive oil.
5. Olive oil mixed with a mashed banana make such a wonderful facial mask. Apply and let it sit in for about 20-30 minutes then rinse off, you will appreciate the results, trust me! It works for me.

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