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Well, we are all expected to be in our best behaviour especially when we are in public or mingling with other people, however there are those people who just cause distractions with annoying little habits. This kinds of people’s behaviour include:
1. Attention seeking: How some people just love attention, you will see then do anything, and I mean anything from dressing attention seekingly, talking loudly, trying to do things that will make them just get that attention that they so desperately want. To be honest I have never really quite figured out what one gains from attention that to that point where people will do just about anything, all I know is, it’s annoying sometimes and people just need to get a life. Let me not be too harsh, if you really can’t help it try do something great, like win an Oscar like our very own Lupita Nyong’o trust me the whole world will stand still for you, just work hard and do good, attention will come looking for you.
2. Coughing and sneezing everywhere: I mean have you ever been around someone who just coughs and sneezes uncontrollably in a public place, by uncontrollably I mean they do not care if there is anyone around them. They just do it without even covering themselves, this is not only an annoying behaviour but also a health hazard, yes, they spread germs! Please if you know you are out there and have been doing this, kindly cease and respect the other people around you, do good and it will come back to you.
3. Peeping at screens: This is where I go nuts, you are on your computer, or your phone, or tablet doing your work and someone from nowhere and starts looking on to see what it are that you are looking. This is a bad, very bad behaviour! Kindly stop it! Respect other people’s privacy and maybe your privacy too will be respected.
4. Reading out loud: This happens a lot when one wants some peace and quiet or worse yet when you really want to study and the person next you just feels like studying while reading out aloud. Goodness, Yes I know some people can only understand better when they read out loud, but it is convenience that you do this when alone because some people also understand better in silence.
5. Playing music loud in public: Oh my, doesn’t this just not happen a lot, I mean there is something called earphone, where one gets to listen to music whenever, wherever, without distracting others. But some people will hear none of it, they will just insist on playing the music out loud, this is simply annoying, just learn to respect the people around you.
6. Singing with head phones and talking loudly on phone: Also there are those people even when they put earphones over their ears they will still continue to sing out loud, this can be pretty annoying especially if one is trying to concentrate on something. Learn to respect the people around you.
7. Asking questions during a movie: This has to top among the annoying habits, I mean you are both watching a movie, one that neither of you has watched, but there is always that person who will always be asking questions from time to time. ‘Do you think he will die?’ ‘Do you know where he is from?’ Oh my it’s a movie , let’s just watch and see what happens.

8. Eating and drinking noisily: Some people just have this annoying habit of munching loudly, drinking while making galloping sounds, though minor, they can be really annoying sometimes, and if one can avoid them, please let the.
9. Itchy hands and nose picking in public: Last but not least there are those kinds of people who just can keep their hand calm, it either they are tapping a ball pen, distractively fidgeting their fingers, shredding papers among others for no apparent reason. There are those people who pick their noses in public, worse still with their bare hands, some don’t even respect that they do it when people are having their meals. This is not only gross but can be really annoying.Kindly respect other people enough to do this in private.

Well these are habits that I personally find annoying,they ought to be thrown to the hawks!Feel free to add to the list, through stones, its just my say.
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Remember be on your best behaviour in public.Keep it 100!
Best wishes, loves!

Irene Kamau

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