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Been a while since I update,was working on a research paper that took almost half my energy but I am back. And I have lots of articles pending for you, stay posted. This week I want to dwell on the importance of our walking style and sitting posture.
This may not come as surprise to some ladies but either way it has to be said. Did you know the way you walk hugely contribute to your body shape? By this I will emphasize on how your waist and your legs will look like. Ever wondered why it is that models have to do the cat walk on the runway? Well, I will leave you to expound on that.
The way you walk can help tone your waist and legs or can help add more fat to the mentioned areas. The upright, chin up, shoulders back, chest out, stomach in, and an aligned step movement, not only helps add height to your posture , add poise to your walk, oozes confidence, but also helps define as well as tone your waist as well as your lower body. In other words it is like a lower body work out.
So if you want a free and natural way to tone those legs and define or rather redefine your waist, try changing how you walk if you are not doing it right. In addition to visiting the gym, try walking in the right posture in order to get your desired results. You will also notice difficulty in changing how you walk especially if it is a way you have acquainted yourself  for many years.

Look at this way, it is like learning how to walk in heels, I mean it all started somewhere. For example, Beyonce dancing on stages in high heels did not come naturally.No! She was trained, it took lots of practice and ended up in almost perfection. I know,right!! But for that one person who gets what I am trying to say and is willing to try, you only live once, live it right, walk right.
There are many YouTube videos that demonstrate how to walk right. Whether in heels, Flats, wedges, or the general right way in which an individual should walk. Good luck practicing to perfection.

Best wishes!
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