What to do when subjecting natural hair to heat

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I have mentioned time and again that African hair is naturally curly and hence interfering with this natural state can have its consequences. This is the main reason why naturals need to protect their hair when subjecting it to any form of heat, be it when blow drying, flat iron or any other form of heat.
I  therefore decided to share a was day process that has helped my sister and I in curbing heat damage on our natural hair. In summary here are the steps.

 The night before heat exposure, I soak my hair in a mixture of coconut oil and castor oil. Castor oil  can really get sticky, but it does reap your hair some benefits. If you cannot stand the stickiness of castor oil.You can’t opt to do a mixture of coconut oil and olive oil and apply a small amount of castor oil on the ends of your hair.

 Use a shower cap to cover up your hair and go to sleep.
 The following morning  do your daily wash day hair routine. That’s is;
1. Shampoo your hair. Remember to use Sulphate free shampoos. Here you will need to ensure that you cleanse your hair thoroughly as you had previously had oil soaked all over your hair.
2. Condition your hair after shampooing. You can opt to leave the conditioner in for about 30 minutes. Then rinse it off.
Be sure to use a leave in conditioner even after conditioning and also spray some hair protectant of choice on your hair. Your hair will 95%  protected from heat.

Remember to deep condition or protein treat your hair after the heat exposure on your  hair.


Best Wishes! Keep it 100.
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