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What is a Pre poo? Many naturals ask. I remember not knowing what a pre poo was, despite hearing it over and again on you tube videos. Only untill I went natural did I research on pre pooing. Well, today I will share more about what a pre poo is and how to go about pre pooing.

Pre poo is a short form of t phe word, pre- shampooing. This is what one needs to do to their hair before shampooing to help retain length, help in manageability, improve shine and promote healthy looking hair.

By this I mean that one will have to soak their unwashed hair with oils and unlike a Hot oil treatment, one applies the oils of preference onto the length of the hair before shampooing. Though for others they tend to apply on both the length of their hair as well as their scalp. Whichever one that works for you, go for it.

The procedure is pretty simple. All you need is to mix two or more oils of your preference in a small bowl. For instance coconut oil and olive oil  mixture. Section off your hair for better oil penetration. Apply the oil mixture on all the sectioned parts of hair.

Cover the hair in a shower cap. Here one can allow the oils to sit in for like an hour or you can chose to go to bed and allow the oils work their magic overnight.

I recommend you sleep in the oils then shampoo and condition your hair in the morning. You will notice the change in your hair, when you make this procedure every other time when you decide to shampoo.

Irene Kamau

Irene Kamau

These oils could include extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil among many others depending on your preference and how well the oils respond to your hair. For example, those with extra dry hair could make the coconut oil their hair’s best friend. This is because coconut oil is known to provide moisture to dry hair. Try your best to use the natural form of these oils because some of the labelled hot oil treatments contain some products that are not friendly to your hair.

You could also decide to use products such as a mixture of natural yoghurt , honey and banana, among other. Will soon put a list of the mixtures one could use a s a pre poo solution, though I would highly recommend natural oils instead.
Benefits of pre pooing includes: Enhances shine, helps in the manageability,helps maintain length, promote hair growth especially if one decides to massage the oils on their scalp. I personally do a mixture of olive oil and coconut oil and it works well for my 4b-4c type of hair.

Best wishes in you pre-poo, my fellow naturals. Keep it 100.
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Irene Kamau

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