God-Sized Prayers

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Irene Kamau

Irene Kamau

In the beginning when I was still baby Christian, I used to pray and God would answer my prayers, but as humans we tend to have insatiable wants, I wanted more, back then I would ask for small stuff, and small stuff I would get, but as I grew into the word by day, I learn t that, God meets us at the level of our Faith, so If I am believing God for a 2nd class honour and work for it, it is what I will get, and if am believing God for a 1st class honour, then that is exactly what I will get.
What am I trying to say, what you believing for is what you will get, so start believing big things, start seeing, thinking big. You serve a big God, a God who wants to bless you in a big way, He wants the very best for you, but we keep settling for less, therefore we only have ourselves to blame….He says in Ephesians 3;20…’To Him who by means of His power working in us is able to do so much more that we can ever ASK for, or even THINK of…’ not my words, He is able to do that and much more. Oh,what a GOD!
There is no need too great, no dream too big, the Most High God Loves you and because you walk with him, He wants to flood you with His provision, His Favour, His goodness and so much more. Allow this to go deep into your spirit. His destiny for you is too great, for you to settle for small, ordinary, or with just getting by. When we pray small, ordinary, get by prayers, then that is the kind of life we end up living. You ask all this not because you deserve them, but because Jesus made it Possible.
At any opportunity you get, I encourage that you whisper faith filled prayers that seem impossible in your eyes and watch what God is capable of doing.
Mark 11;24…’Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.’ It is time to ask God for big things, today. Pray God sized Prayers!! Remember, God meets us at the Level of our Faith.

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