The Condition; Hirsutism

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Hey guys, this week I am sharing about a condition that little know about.

I have a female friend who happens to grow hair in places that a female ought not to grow. I therefore undertook a research on what causes the same, in order to help anyone out there with a similar condition and below is what I gathered. First things first:
What is Hirsutism?

Well, Hirsutism is a condition where a woman develops abnormal hair growth in areas of her body she normally does not.
Hirsutism mainly occurs in various parts of the female body including, the face, back, chest, pubic regions of the body. It can seriously damage a woman’s confidence, leading to low self-esteem.
Here are some of the causes of abnormal facial and body hair;

1. Minoxidil
2. Danazol
3. Certain birth controls
4. Cyclosporine
5. Steroids
6. Nicotine (Smoking, though rare)

If you ever need more information on the same, I found a blog that discusses Hirsutism, it is , really hope it helps.

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