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Well this has been overly requested, that I write about the products I am using for my hair and also whether they can be found in Kenya.

Yes, in a while the extensions and weaves had dominated the market, making production of oils and essentials for natural hair a rare commodity. It is encouraging that now the interest is changing, with more people choosing to go natural and hence the increased demand for companies to produce natural friendly products for naturals.
Below are the essential oils that any natural or a transitioning natural ought to own:
1. Castor Oil
2. Olive Oil
3. Coconut Oil
4. Argan oil
5. Amla Oil- The Indian version

These oils have worked well with my hair and they are generally known to work well with African hair.

If your hair is very kinky, try make coconut oil your close hair partner. It is known to be a natural hair conditioner. This therefore makes the process of de-tangling or rather combing less painful.
Apply a reasonable amount of coconut oil all over the hair, from root to ends, yes when it is dirty and unwashed, coconut oil acts as a natural conditioner, it softens the hair, take your wide toothed comb and try combing and you will sure notice the difference, it works wonders. Then follow up with your usual washing and conditioning. Hope this helps. will soon post articles on pre pooing and the loc method.

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