Faith-Filled November

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Faith-Filled November

Oh it’s November, Again!!Oh how much I love month of November, maybe it is because it is the rainy season in Kenya, maybe because it is the water melons season (I love Water melons!!), or may it is because good things happen in November, or maybe it is because it is a month away from Christmas, yes! I start the countdown or maybe because it is my birth month, Oh my! I really don’t know, so enough with the maybe’s.
But it is finally here, well, I will share a little story my mum always shared with us when we were kids about Faith. Faith is necessary in order to please God. I love to please the Lord,when I please Him, I get favours all the way.

Mother would always start…..“There was this woman who owned a house near a mountain. The mountain would really bother her because whenever she needed to go to the other village, she had to go round the massive Mountain, and this mountain was really a stumbling block in her day to day activities. It bothered her so much to the extent she started seeking in the Lord for assistance, every evening she would pray to the Lord, quoting the verse, Mark 11;23…’Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain move from here to there, in faith and without a doubt, it shall be done.’
The woman could pray and ask God to move the mountain from her compound, on a daily basis. Three years on and God had not done anything, she decided to see her pastor on the issue. The pastor agreed to pray along with her, but in privacy, the pastor prayed…’Oh God help this woman understand and have wisdom, for she thinks that a mountain can move, please Lord, intervene in her understanding, Amen.’
Two years passed by, and she was still praying about it. At the end of that year, in November, some missionaries who were building a road along that route came to her and asked her whether she could agree to have them build a road through her land and of course at a very handsome price. Apparently the only route would be through the mountain, so she agreed and signed the contract. The missionaries worked tirelessly day and night and brought down the mountain to pave way for the road.
Excited, happy and Thankful to God, she went to church to give her tithe, as well as thanksgiving to God as well as the pastor for helping her pray. The Pastor could not believe what he heard, he felt so ashamed and embarrassed because he knew what he prayed to God in privacy.
He knelt down and cried to the Lord, asked God to increase his faith to  the kind of that woman’s’. And the woman lived happily and better ever after.THE END!

Moral Lesson:

Faith is this powerful,yes, it can move mountains.Yearn to have it.
This story shaped who I am today as well as my faith from a tender age and I would like to pass the knowledge onto my readers, that it may grow your faith like it did mine. My mum told me, it is a true story, but it must have been ages ago, because I see no missionaries building roads no more, lol. That makes me think, where did she hear this story, I sure will ask her. I appreciate my mother this month, Faith, yeah her real name is actually FAITH,I know funny especially after telling the story…lol.
Faith is all you need to please the Lord, and do you know what is better, when you pray in Faith, God answers at the right time and he does more than you even ever expected. Mark 11;24…’For this reason I tell you, when you pray and ask for something, believe that you have received it, and you will be given whatever you ask for.’
Need I even say more, there you have it! I pray that God fills you with as much faith as you ask for every day. Amen.

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  1. When I was reading your article about faith, i was inspired so much by the information you had. I have seen faith working on my life. Without faith you can’t achieve much in life. Everything, that you do just have a that faith that one day it will come to a fulfillment .

  2. Oh my, I remember you telling us this story back in High school. Oh my. It gets me every time. Thank you for sharing it with the world!

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