New Year Resolutions: 2015

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New Year’s Resolutions: Those goals that you set on new year’s eve and through the weeks onto months you begin to forget about them until the next year’s eve and you again make the same goals as you had set last year VOWING to yourself that THIS time round it will be different.

That it is this year that you will finally do them, are you still kidding yourself? I don’t know if it has happened to you but I have been a victim of making unreasonable resolutions, and this year, I therefore plan on making more realistic goals that I will actually meet or better yet, make just one or two goals to be specific on what I want and therefore making it a little easier to meeting them.

I vividly remember last year, I had said, no chewing gum in my endless to do list, because I had witnessed the severe effects of chewing gum on a tooth, it was so bad I had to put it under my not to do list and trust me, that year, I chewed more gum than I had never before. It is just like smokers, it is written on the cigarette sachet that smoking kills and smokers go ahead and smoke, and why is it that they still are not able to quit, and I got to know why. I learn t that the mind has to be in co-ordination with the decision. You have to prepare your mind for the transition, and if you are not able to do so, then you will not achieve your goal whatsoever.

From this incidence, it got me thinking. Remember how God created the world? By word of command, that is, using his words. The Bible say we are created from the image of God, this means we have the power in the tongue. It is further explained in the book s of, Proverbs18;21,James3;8, Proverbs 15;4, they are just enough to let you understand what I am trying to say. This shows that what we say (our words) mean a lot and has power in our lives, hence we are told to speak positive things over our live.

But how does all this have to do with my resolutions you ask. Well, when you say that you will do something, to your siblings, friend, parent anyone, the devil hears and you will notice he will work so hard against what it is that you proclaimed that you do. He knows that you have that power in you, most times when you say you will do something this year, you end up not doing, do you now get why? Yes if you end up doing it trust me you have won the fight. My question, this year will you lose the battle? Don’t tell me, answer yourself. Well we all have resolutions that we always want to change with each befalling year, I personally can think of a 100 right now, examples

1. Eat healthy

2. Exercise weekly

3. Study keenly and graduate with good honours

s 4. Re ignite my relationship with the Lord

5. Save more! Blah Blah  And just so many more, it is very easy for us to make unrealistic goals and we therefore end up not fulfilling most of them. Let’s make this year truly different .Let us soul search, in peace calm and quiet, rethink your goals and vision, make this year different from all the other years. Better yet don’t make a list this year, just make one or two things you will want to achieve come the end of 2015 and trust me, you will see changes. Oh and yes, you can thank me later.

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Note: Yes, I know I have brought up new year resolutions earlier than Christmas article so that you can have time to think about yours too, the Christmas article will be up soon.

Personally I have jotted down my three most crucial goals come the end of 2015, by the Grace of the Almighty God, whom I believe is always sufficient. I want to have a closer relationship with God, I know, I realized that I had slowly been drifting away to some extent, by thinking I can handle it, but truth is I can’t without Him. 2nd I want to ensure that I save more, look out for my next blog where I will dwell on learning how to save and invest when you are still in your 20’s.Allow me keep the rest for my; me myself and I meeting. (lol) At least I have shared a few of goals, make that meeting with yourself soon, I mean, you have less than 23 days to go, like always best wishes loves! Make this THE YEAR!! Xoxo!

Oh and also I will be posting some delicious home made recipes that you can make to ignite this December holiday….will be adding a recipe category, hope you enjoy…Happy Holidays!


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