The healing Power of Aloe Vera

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Do you know that pair of jeans that no matter how many pairs of jeans you own you still find yourself wearing it, oh my! Well that’s the exact same love I have  for aloe Vera.

I mean, I started this relationship when I was very young when my mum introduced it to her (aloe).Whenever I accidentally got cuts on my skin, aloe vera was always there for my rescue.

Today I will share the amazing ways that you can use aloe Vera to your advantage. Lucky are those who have freshly planted aloe vera’s in their home garden.

1. Cuts/bruises: Whenever you get a cut, for instance, when chopping tomatoes, or merely just small bruises, apply aloe Vera gel and you will witness the healing power of this gel. I always prefer a raw, fresh from the garden aloe Vera because it’s what I have always used and it has always worked for me.
2. Piercings: Yes, when you get your ear pierced, it takes at least 14 days for the healing process to come through. People use things such as the spirits and the likes. I was using spirits too until I tried aloe Vera for my ear piercing, and it worked wonders! How do I go about it?
1. Remove the earing
2. Well I take a fresh aloe Vera
3. Cut it into two pieces
4. To one piece, peel out the outer layer
5. Scope the gel with your fingers and apply to your ear (pierced area)
6. Ensure you get the gel on the earing and the stopper too
7. Then wear your earing back and await results
8. Do this as often as you can, I would recommend daily or after every two days.
3. Colds: Whenever you have a cold, you can boil up a mixture of aloe Vera and some water and drink up the solution; this helps re occurrence of the same. Though I find it wise I warn you that the taste is not a as friendly, but hey, nothing healthy is sweet…lol
4. Acne/pimples: Whenever you have a fresh pimple or any displeasing wound anywhere on your body, apply the aloe Vera gel. The aloe Vera gel helps dry out the area. It works like magic, the process is that fast. It acts as a drying catalyst.
5. Sun Burns: Whenever you get sunburns and want something to help fix that, aloe Vera is the natural gel for you. This can be applied twice daily for better results, the change may be gradual but effective. Though it suffices to note that, different bodies react differently; it may be slow on others and fast on other skins, but can cause no harm.
6. Face Mask: You can chose to apply aloe Vera, especially those with oily skin, as a face mask. How do I go about it?
1. On a clean face, apply a reasonable amount on your face.
2. Rub it in. (it will dry out)
3. Wait for about 30 minutes (itching may be felt)
4. Wash your face as usual
5. You can do this, as often as you like because aloe Vera is more beneficial than it is harmful.
7. Detox: Well, a mixture of aloe Vera and wheat grass juice works wonders as a way to cleanse your body of toxins. The taste may not be pleasant but its health benefit is worth the ‘taste torture’. Although you can chose to add honey to the mixture to enhance the taste. Though I recommend that if you can, take it without enhancements.



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