4 ways to control natural hair dryness

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Guys, African hair is naturally dry.  This is one of the leading reasons as to why it does not grow as fast. Dry hair is not only prone to slow growth but also to breakage . Dry hair is not happy hair. Below are ways in which one can moisturize their hair to our benefit.

1. Yes when one goes natural all they want to do is touch their hair. Honestly it does feel good. The feeling is great and it may be hard to stop , but one needs to control the hair manipulation. This is one of the causes of hair dryness. Each time you touch the hair your the hands, one ends up ripping out essential natural oils from the hair, leading to dryness. I don’t want to say,” Stop touching your hair!”, because it will fall on deaf ears. I mean it is irresistible, all I am saying is reduce the manipulation on your hair.

2. Avoid sleeping with cotton head bands as well as cotton pillow cases. Cotton is known to be a common cloth in the hot weather conditions because it absorbs sweat and moisture .This is the main reason why we ought not to use it in our hair. I t will absorb all the moisture from your hair, and this is exactly what we do not want.

3. Using too many products for your hair. Guilty as charged! I was a victim of using one too many products on my hair, and in this way it becomes very difficult to tell which product causes drying. When I narrowed down to a few, or better yet to two, it was easier for me to tell which of the agents was acting as a drying catalyst on my hair. So if you are in the middle of one too many products, slow down and figure out which products work well for your hair.

4. Water/moisturize your hair at least 2-3 times a week. African hair is naturally dry in itself and it needs water. I am being specific on pure water without any additions, then lock in the moisture with your favourite oil, be it olive oil, castor oil, your choice here. Make sure you top this up by drinking lots of water, this way, you are working from both the inside and the outside. Now that’s real moisturizing!

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