Moisturize natural hair using the LOC Method

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Halo loves! Ope this finds you well. Today I want to talk more about the LOC method.This is an essential procedure for all naturals due to our frequently dry hair. Our hair is constantly in dire need of moisture and there is no better method to retain moisture like  the LOC method . Read on to understand more about the LOC method.

The term LOC  is an abbreviation for the following terms.
L for Leave in conditioner
O for Oil
C for Cream

1.Liquid:Keep in mind to start with freshly washed, conditioned and finger detangled natural hair. Then onto partitioned hair, spray some water in order to damped the hair. Then apply a reasonable amount of conditioner ( on the section we will be working with) . Make sure you are generous enough with the conditioner on each section so as to moisturize almost every strand. Remember to be keen on the ends of your hair because they tend to be the most vulnerable. This is because they are the oldest part of your hair, and hence need a little more of TLC.

2.Oil: Apply a reasonable amount of oil, for instance coconut oil, in order to lock and seal in the moisture in your hair.

3.Cream :Add a cream on top of the sectioned hair. This ensures that all moisture is locked in. After you do all this, you can add castor oil on your scalp or any other type of oil that works well with your scalp and massage. Be sure to work with products that love your hair.

It is wise to say that after this process, you do not want to cover up your hair, rather let the hair air dry or better yet style as desired.

Benefits of using the LOC method  include: length retention as your hair will be less prone to breakage, also improves on shine of the hair. This is why dry hair has split ends and lacks shine and hence prone to breakage. Always remember- Dry hair breaks.



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