‘I am going natural’, what you need to know.

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Well…..so you have finally decided to do the big chop (BC) or maybe you have chosen not to big chop but rather transition. Either of your choice, there are certain things that you will need to know as you start your natural hair journey. See below;


1. About Curls: It will not be easy. Yes, I know, what a rough way to start the pointers, but let me call a spade a spade. Especially if you have been relaxed (where hair is easier to manage). You will notice that African hair is naturally curly and kinky in nature. It is also known to be very dry and therefore moisture will be it best of friend.

2.  Hair Types: know the type of hair that you have and this will make it easier to know the kind of products that will work best for your hair. Below is a photo showing a variety of the hair types. Take time and learn your hair type. In order to make it easier for you to know how best to handle your hair.

3. About heat: African hair is naturally coily, therefore any heat subjected to the hair does more harm than good. You will therefore have to learn how to minimize heat exposure onto your natural hair and most especially if you want your hair healthy. Whenever you subject your hair to heat ensure its low heat and that you put on it heat protect ant in order to protect it from heat damage. One can flat iron once or twice a year, recommended.

4. About combs: Here you will need to replace all thin shaped combs and brushes with wide toothed combs. This is because, as you will notice, natural hair is not naturally straight but rather has curls. Everyone’s hair has a unique curl pattern; this means that no one’s curl pattern is similar to another. Below is a photo of the going natural essentials.

5. About daily hair care: Get familiar with terms such as. Natural hair shampooing (without Sulphates), co washing, pre pooing, deep conditioning, deep treatment, protein treatment, hot oil treatment among others. Make sure you research about these terms. I personally watched a lot of YouTube, the videos saved me a whole lot, when I starting my natural hair journey. I have also discussed all these terms in my previous posts on natural hair, feel free to have a look at them.

6. Hair products: Well this is another area where most ladies go wrong. They purchase all sorts of products.I know there are a variety of those products that will get you indecisive. But  the earlier you understand your hair the easier it will becoming when chosing products.This is because at times one cannot tell which product is working for your hair and which one is not.I recommend you use each product at a time in order to know what your hair needs.
7. On sleeping: You might be used to sleeping on all types of pillowcases you desire, but when transitioning, you will need to replace your cotton pillowcases with satin pillowcases. This is because cotton sucks moisture from your hair something that satin will not do.

8. About water: Water is one commodity that I am yet to know of its disadvantages. Your hair needs to be hydrated from inside out as well. So ensure that you take the required 8 glasses of water every day in order to promote healthy hair growth.

9.About food: Ensure you eat well and have inclusive of protein in your diet as protein is know to help promote hair growth. I also have an article on foods and fruits that promote hair growth, feel at liberty to visit the articles for better understanding on the same.
10. On patience: well, well, well, patience will have to be practiced in your natural hair journey. African hair is known to grow at a slower rate. Thus is explained that it is due to its dry nature. Therefore, put on your patience belt, take care of your hair, and lets kick start this incredible natural hair journey.

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    I like your subjectival approach on the natural way as pertains hair, it couldnt have come at a better time now that most women are out to embrace it.

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