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I did not intend on doing product reviews, well, at least not yet. But often am asked to review conditioners that work well with type 4 hair and those that can be easily accessed around. (Especially for my naturals back home-Kenya). Well, being an 8 month old natural, and a sister to a 12 year old natural, I can confidently refer naturals to a few magic workers (conditioner).

Kindly note I am talking about conditioners, not deep conditioning. Deep conditioning is a huge topic on its own.Will discuss it in another article.
When you go natural you will come to know that conditioning is EVERYTHING for natural hair. I mean it not only leaves the hair shinny and glowy but also silky soft hence much easier to manage. Here are a few that are not only surprisingly affordable but work very well with our natural hair.

1. Suave– This product goes for approximately ksh.300
Can be found in Nakumatt Supermarkets or the super cosmetics outlets.
This is my best go to conditioner because it just works magic on my hair…lol…I love it.

2. Mikalla- I only recently tried this because it happens to be new in the market and I loved it. I found that a litre goes for ksh.200 and half a litre for ksh.150 and I was like, why not take the litre? And boy, was it worth it. Let’s just say I was impressed. Can be found in the New Darling Cosmetics outlets.

3. Cream on Nature: This one is the priciest yet, however its not my best. It goes for about Ksh.700 and it did not make my hair happy. But since I can’t throw it away, I had to keep it. But kindly note, what doesn’t work for my hair, could probably work for yours.

4. There is also this tea tree conditioner; Famously known from our very own Tony Airo’s collection (Kenyan hair expert). I tried it once or twice and it did not exactly disappoint. It goes for about ksh.250-300.

5. DIY Conditioner:avocado, coconut and  yoghurt mix. On my next post I will post a ‘do it yourself ‘- (at home) conditioner. It includes home remedies and works well, as it leaves hair moisturized and soft.


When picking out conditioners, pick one that has water as the main ingredient,  as unnatural ingredients tend to rip hair off of its natural oils and moisture. I also like to boost my conditioner with 1-2 drops of this 7 in 1  because it makes hair even more silkier.

Thank you guys for hanging. Always feel free to leave any feedback. Let me know what you think. Want more on lifestyle topics? Here

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