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I traveled home over the weekend and I realized that I had forgotten my deep conditioning masque back in Nakuru.

I really needed to deep condition my hair because I was putting on a sew-in.
I am never comfortable braiding my hair when I have not deep conditioned it,because like we all naturals know,kinky hair tends to be drier than other hair type and dry hair breaks and hence desperately needs that moisture love.❤️❤️

I had to act fast. So I tried this effective *Do it Yourself * (DIY) regimen:trial and error by the way: but it did my hair so much justice,I just had to share with you guys.

I tell you de-tangling becomes a piece of cake after this diy,my hair felt silky soft and I could tell it was moisturized.

What you need:
1.Coconut Oil



I sprayed my hair with warm water. Don’t make your hair soaking wet,just enough to enable you de-tangle and spread the paste.

1.Put two table spoons of Coconut oil in a bowl.
2. Add half an avocado :this depends on how thick or long your hair is;because we want the product to cover the length of your hair.
3. Then add a reasonable amount of your conditioner of choice and blend them well to make a paste.
4.Section off your hair and apply to your slightly wet hair. Ensure to concentrate on the ends of your hair as well as your length, precisely ignoring the scalp.
5. Cover up your head in a shower cap and let it sit for about 45 minutes to an hour.
6. Then wash and condition your hair as usual.

Results? You will love.


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