Why your hair is not getting longer

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Well,I know so many ladies who have this issue. I want to make this very clear,it has nothing to do with being African! There are people of other races as well whose hair just won’t grow: I mean it’s more of a genetic issue than it is racial. If your hair totally will not grow,just know that’s it’s genetic and really not much can be done on the same.

Well,it is also of importance to note that,African hair is not the fastest growing when compared to other races. This is because our hair is kinky and not straight hence tends to be more dry as compared to others.
This is why I always emphasize that moisturizing your hair is key. It’s literally EVERYTHING. (See my article on moisturizing natural hair using the LOC METHOD)

I vividly remember when I was younger:especially after a blow dry. I wouldn’t want to see or hear of water anywhere near my hair. (I know some ladies can relate) Because one felt like water was an enemy.lol

Well,the Bible is right,my people perish because of the lack of knowledge.lol
My hair perished in relaxer,for my lack of knowledge.
I knew not much about natural hair like I do now.

Well,I have now come to learn that water is natural hair’s best friend. Here are some of the things that you are doing or not doing that is making your hair length retention and hair growth stagnant.

1.Using too much heat: When you decide to go natural,you will notice that heat will always do your hair more harm than good. Try avoid heat in all the many ways you can. Protective style your hair if you are totally tempted to apply heat on your hair.

2. You are not taking care of your ends
Well as hair grows from your scalp,the ends of your hair that are not given the tender,love and care are cutting/shedding off. Creating a notion that your hair does not grow while as its growing but your ends are falling off showing no evidence of growth.

3. Trim your ends:maybe you could be taking good care of your ends through Moisturizing,but it’s is also important to know that trimming your ends once in a while helps retain length. How you ask? They become strong and hence less prone breakage therefore retaining length. You will be sure to notice that the healthier your hair is the better the growth rate.

4.You are concentrating more on length than health. Most people have their target on long hair leaving out the health of their hair.
My ultimate goal has never been to have long hair,but rather to have healthy,thick hair. This is because healthy hair will grow. So concentrate on the health of your hair and length will come.

5. Stop comparing your hair. Let me put it this way. Did you know that no one looks like you anywhere else in the world? Yes you are unique. Just in this same way,your hair curl pattern is found nowhere else on earth. So don’t expect hair to respond the same as everybody else’s. You will never be like them,and they will never be like you. So do you ,concentrate and love your hair as you wait for that length.

6. Over manipulation: When one goes natural,all they want to do is touch their hair.
They will just keep on trying this and that. Combing and styling. Well,reduce that hair manipulation and you will notice that your hair will have less breakage and more health hence growth will follow.

7.You are not massaging your scalp: scalp massaging ,increases blood flow. This in return allows blood into hair follicles and hence stimulation of hair growth. Try massaging your hair every day or at least thrive a week before going to bed or even after you get up and you will clearly notice the difference soon.

8. Be Patient: Ladies,it’s not a race.Some people’s hair grow faster that others. So kindly do yourself a favor and stop the comparison.Take time and don’t rash any process.Love and embrace each stage your are at in your natural hair journey. The twa (tiny weeny afro) stage,the shirt-medium stage and the long stage will get there. Just take your time.

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