Hair Loss or Hair Shedding?

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From one of my readers: Can you write an article on hair loss. I am a victim of the same.
Thank you. Elizabeth.

Firstly,thank you Elizabeth for the question because it led me to this research and hence this article.

From my research I learnt that there is a huge difference between hair loss and hair shedding. Therefore understand the two first before responding.

Well,hair loss means that whenever you comb or detangle your hair and you notice a full strand that is almost the length of your hair-then that’s hair loss.

But hair shedding is where you notice small sizes of hair on your comb. Short pieces.
This is usually very normal. Because hair is always renewing itself and hence must shed from time to time. Just like when a tree loses its leaves,it does not mean that the tree is spoilt. But rather it’s shedding off and growing/multiplying more leaves.

Though it is sufficing to note that this can only be controlled but not stopped
I tried a few methods that I noticed reduced hair shedding drastically.

1. Amla Oil Prepoo

2. Aloe Vera Prepoo

3. Coconut oil and Avocado mix Prepoo

4.Egg Yolk Prepoo

5. Green tea/ black tea Prepoo

You can try one pre poo today and another the next time you pre poo. In other words,alternate. After a few weeks you will sure notice the difference.
Be sure to let me know on how well they work for your hair.



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