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Well I was having a talk the other day with a newly found natural friend, and she had this question. Why are my curls not forming, yet I have been natural all my life?
Mmmmh, well, where do I start? My elder sister has been natural all her life. Since I cut off my relaxed hair and started my natural hair journey, she too got interested.

Her curls initially could not show. This is because she suffered from heat damage. What do I mean, when I say heat damage? Well, she always applied heat on her hair whenever she did not have it in a protective style. This included high temperature blow-drying of her natural hair. (One would almost think she was relaxed…lol)

We all must acknowledge that heat is the number one enemy when it comes to our curls and coils. This is because we continuously apply heat to our hair in order to make it straight, of which then interferes with the natural curl pattern. And we end up complaining that our hair is getting weak, or we having weak ends and so on.
So if you have been a natural and you have not seen any form of a curl pattern form in your set of hair, be encouraged, your curls will form. Just ensure that you are not applying any form of heat on your hair (Forcing the naturally curly strands to be straight): For at least 6 months and you will notice the health of your hair will drastically improve. This is guaranteed.You will even begin to fall inlove with your fro,because the natural hair journey makes one feel like they are re-discovering themselves all over again. Embracing the real and natural you.

Some may ask. How can I manage my hair after undoing my protective style? It is too ‘’hard’’.

Firstly, our hair is not hard. It is kinky, it is coily’, it shrinks but it is not hard…lol. That is, it coils this is why we experience the shrinkage.
It becomes a little too much to manage. So, I would recommend that you read this article on the LOC Method- which helps moisturize and make our kinky/curly hair easier to manage. Below is the link; or you can opt to search LOC Method on the Home Page.

Whenever you undo your protective style, try other methods of stretching your hair: rather than applying heat. These methods may include; twisting (two strand twisting-three strand twisting-or even bantu knots) after washing, braiding a cornrow after washing. These styles keep the hair stretched without heat until next when you want to have it braided, or weaved. Hope this explains the question.

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