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What is hair steaming? This is the act of adding moisture to one’s hair in the form of moist heat (steam) to the hair strands.
1. Because one’s hair becomes hydrated it therefore means that one will experience less tangles and less shrinkage. This therefore makes detangling process a lot easier and hence less breakage.
2. Steam increases blood flow into the scalp which may lead to increased hair growth.
When you steam, the warmth from the steam helps lift your cuticles allowing products to be absorbed in. It also helps the moisture to travel from the roots to the ends of one’s hair.
3. It greatly helps reduce breakage: This is because when hair is moisturized the hair strand s are moisturized and there tends to be little to no breakage, as breakage is as a result of dry hair.
4. Moisture levels in the scalp are balanced by regular steam treatments keeping dandruff at bay.
5. It makes it easier when flat ironing. Like with other fibres, steam helps to straighten hair easier which exposes your hair to less heat.

How frequently should you steam your hair?
Well, this will depend on how dry your hair feels. Though you should not make steaming a daily routine. One can steam the hair once a week, if one is wearing their hair out. One can also opt to steam at least once every two weeks. Just ensure that you do not overdo it.
Make sure you do not exceed the average steaming time…which is a maximum of two days a week.

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