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African hair is naturally dry. This therefore means that for one to retain length and keep their hair healthy, one has to keep their natural hair moisturized. Moisturizing is key and is the only secret to retaining length. Remember dry hair breaks!
If your hair is dry, you will need to use moisturizing treatments on a daily basis in order to keep your hair healthy. These include moisturizers and leave in conditioners.
If your hair is extremely dry, you will need to do hot oil treatment. You can also do this at home, by heating up your oils and applying onto your hair from root to tips.
If your hair is damaged, then you will need deep penetrating protein treatments. A good product in the market now is the Hair mayonnaise by organics- Africa’s best.
Understand where the category your hair falls. If you apply oils and after a few hours/ or at the end of the day your hair feels dry then you need to daily give moisture to your hair. If you feel like your hair is dehydrated. Try wetting and conditioning your hair EVERYDAY until your hydration level is achieved.
One can retain moisture in the hair by the following ways.
1. The LOC Method. Here is the link Remember oils do not moisturize, they only seal in moisture hence O (oil) comes before C (cream)
2. Hair Steaming
3. Deep Conditioning regularly
4. Avoid over shampooing, try co-washing
5. Drink lots of water too.

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