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12th June 2016, the date of my last post. I know, life happened! Guys, where do I even begin?!?!

Firstly, special thanks to my Kenyan Kinks fans, who contacted me to find out what happened. Also my apologies for maybe not trying hard enough. It is because of you that I am making this re-dedication.

Here are the top 10 questions; answered.

  1. What happened, it’s been over a year! (Most Common Question)

Well guys, life surprised me or should I say God surprised me! When I started Kenyan Kinks a little over 3 years ago, (where does time go?!) my goal was to enlighten, encourage, inspire, motivate , create an example because I felt there was a gap in the young Kenyan generation for what I did and still do. Key Word here is *Kenyan*.  For I believed, and still believe that a liberated mind equals a liberated society. But life took a different turn on me, when I relocated to the United States (barely planned!). It is now safe to say that things got a little tough. I was determined to keep the consistency, which I did until June 2016. But my target was Kenya, my products were Kenyan, my idea was for Kenya, my heart and mind was for Kenya. But now there I was….officially out of Kenya….what next?  I had to find a balance between creating content for Kenyans, despite the fact that I was no longer able to provide the relation (Kenyan Products among other things – people tend to lean on something they feel they can relate to: if you know what I mean). SO yes, this was the main set back, hence my abrupt break. I have strategies set up and hopefully all goes well. Hope this answers that query.


  1. Are you still Natural?

YES, I am still natural. I think because of my silence people thought I had relaxed my hair or something of that sought. If I ever relax my hair, I will sure let you guys know.  Which might be never. OOPS! But again, never say never!


  1. Did you Quit YouTube?

No, I did not. Again, for the same reason- I did not want to create content with products that I knew could be costly or UN-available for the average Kenyan, because of my move.  But I will be uploading frequently soon as I have known my way around the problem at hand.


  1. What Happened to the giveaway?


I took a short unpronounced travel and a lot changed between then and the date of the giveaway. But regardless, the winners were chosen and reached privately and gifts delivered to them. With the collaboration of @ndutahs handmade gifts and @abitriz clothing design – whom I am dearly grateful for. I just did not post, as I was in absentia.


  1. What Updated Products do you use?

Once again, I was conscious about the products to suggest and their availability…but I have worked on this and will be posting an updated 2017 hair products review. So watch pout for that. Here is a link to the updated products.


  1. Where can I get this or that Product?

I am making sure to get you­­ links to have access to the products I use. Or rather places in where they can be found. Just be sure to be subscribed to get the notifications. I have to admit these questions are pretty related.


  1. What Products are best for my hair?

Child, everyone’s hair is different, Ok? From hair type to porosity. It’s a trial and error process. What works for one could be poison for another. I will not sit here and lie about how this and that is the miracle product. I will be going more in depth about this on my YouTube channel. And from my 3 years being natural, I can say- it’s NOT in the products. Trust me, I’ll be explaining all this better on my YouTube channel. Making a video will be more relate-able. So Go subscribe for the updates!


  1. Give Tips on how to maintain Natural hair.

This is such a broad question but I would simply answer this question for now by saying, MOISTURIZE! African hair is naturally dry…the more moisture you give it, the more it thrives, Forget the: (keep away from water). Water and Natural hair go hand in hand. And of course treat it like you would treat your skin. With Love and Care.


  1. What about the travel Blog/vlog?

Once again, my target was the Kenyan market….so I could no longer travel in Kenya as I had relocated. I had a lot prepared but guess the Lord had better plans, what can say! I could do a travel vlog in USA (I don’t fancy that). But only if I get enough requests on the same. If you want me to do one…comment on my Instagram and I might surprise you guys with one! And shout out to my travel people @ who are taking a great SA tour, if interested in affordable Kenyan travels- hit them up!



  1. How do we contact you?

Firstly, I want to say that I love interacting with you guys on social media. So much that I take time to read all the comment, emails, dm’s. However long it may take be sure that I will read and I will always find time to reply.  Like I just did to these questions sent on Fb, Email etc.


Thank you guys for hanging. Always feel free to leave any feedback. Let me know what you think. Want more on lifestyle topics? Here

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Romans 10:11 *whoever believes in Him, shall not be disappointed*




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