How To Care For Natural Hair In The Summer

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“Omg! I don’t get this, I moisturize my hair in the morning and it’s all dry by afternoon what can I do?” Exclaimed my colleague.

As fun as summer can be, it sure does come with its cons. And one of them being, moisture loss! Not just in our skin but also in our hair. Where do I get the how to curb dryness tips? Look no further as your hair is about to say, “Good bye dry-ness and hello hydration!” after reading these tips!



  1. Moisturize your hair:


 Guys, I have learnt this the hard way… Oils are not moisturizers. Water is the Best form of moisturizing. You can try using hair milks then following up with your oil (to seal in the moisture) then style as desired. If possible, wet you hair on the daily. I mean wet it, splash some moisturizer, some water not wash it, ok. We have moisturizing oils (example is aloe Vera, avocado oil etc.) and we have sealant oils (example being jojoba oil etc.) Find more helpful articles here:  , ,


  1. Hydrate Friends: Drink Water.


Guys, this sound so cliché, but our body is composed of over 60% water. Need I say more? Just hydrate both on the outside as much as the outside, your body and hair will thank you. See the YouTube video I made on tips to growing natural hair here:


  1. Protective style:

                If you know you cannot handle all this, just protective style all summer. (a good example is braids, don’t do styles like sew-in’s because we tend to sweat a lot in the summer and trust me you do not want all your hair smelling from all the sweating, or do you?). Unless you are ok with washing your sew –in, then sure go for it my child. Here is an article for protective styles


  1. Use Moisturizing shampoos and conditioners:


In my opinion, moisturizing shampoos don’t squeaky clean hair, but they can do for the summer. They will not leave the hair dry or rather they will not do as much drying as the regular shampoos.


  1. Trim your hair for the summer:


Those weak, thinning ends will do you more harm than good. Be sure to trim them out and make sure when you moisturize you concentrate on the ends/length of your hair, as that the most vulnerable part of hair and dry out the fastest. Check this article


  1. Cover your head if you are going to be under the sun for long hours:


In as much as we protect our skin from the sun’s High SPF, so should we protect our hair? There is no specific SPF products for the hair, as its pretty strong on its own, but a little covering (Sun hat) while under the sun for long periods of time will never do you harm.


  1. Eat a balanced diet:

Yes, we are what we eat, so ensure that you are taking your vitamins, protein, carbohydrates, fruits and all that good stuff. Try to avoid dehydrating foods especially when you know that you are not properly hydrating. Some older article on healthy foods for hair.


  1. Embrace the Shrinkage by skipping the hot tools.


Yeah, you must have heard this a gazillion times, but if it’s a method that works it has to be said. Avoid heat styling during the summer, as it will strip dry your hair, not to mention that you will have to wet your hair often (Ps: I said wet, not wash!). And you cannot wet your hair when it’s straightened, or can you? If there is a time you want to flaunt your shrinkage, summer is the time! Here is a helpful heat article:


  1. Pre-poo your hair:


Don’t skip the pre-poo.I talk so much about this ill insert the link on pre-pooing.



  1. Safe Swimming:

What’s summer without getting into the pool, right? Well, swimming pools have chlorine in the water, which is not very friendly to natural hair. So, make sure that your hair is well covered up when you get into the pool. If you do not like to cover up your hair, make sure that you deep condition you hair after you are done swimming. It sucks trust me, I know, but we can’t control nature, can we? I have also learnt that you can chose to soak your hair in water before getting into the pool , this way when you get into the pool, your hair will already be soaked and hence will not absorb as much of the chlorine water, do you get what I mean?


I hope these tips help you as much as they helped my colleague and I. Feel at home with the subscribe button to get an email each time I post, which is EVERY FRIDAY! God bless. XOXO!

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