What I learnt from being Vegetarian for half a month.

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Guys, as some of you may know, I chose to go vegetarian for a week and a half. It is more like a full 15 days. And here is what I learnt from this interesting vegetarian experience.


  1. You will be gassy: Oh my goodness! Guys, I had not researched about farting prior to me going vegetarian. Oh boy, wasn’t it a ride! I had to wash my bed sheets almost on the daily, because I was worried that I had gassed out all night. But during the day, I am grateful to God that coincidentally, whenever, I was super gassy- I was alone in the office. I was so worried that if I had walk past anyone, they would smell my gas. I think what I am trying to say- is, prepare for a proper detox, the veggies will cleanse you up real nice, and gassing just happens to be the down sides of a great form of excretion. I kept refreshing my office so often that week, that colleagues commented how nice it smelled but in reality, I was covering up for the gas, so, just carry an air freshener so that you can care for the environment and the people around you. Save them the odour as you cleanse my loves!
  2. Options are limited: Don’t get me wrong, vegetarian food options are there, but limited. In other words, we do not have enough vegetarian demand to meet a sparkle in the supply department. If you get what I mean. So you will have to seek far and wide, especially for me, because I am currently out of the country and cannot cook for myself and hence have to rely on what is in the cafeteria for the vegetarian diet which was almost non- existent.
  3. You will have to increase your food consumption: By this, I mean, you will have to go up the regular portion size of your normal/regular intake. Guys, when I tell you I would eat at 6pm and be hungry by 9 pm, I mean every word of it. The food was just not filling me up, I do like a light stomach (dislike the feeling of being over fed), but this was too much I did not feel belly light, I was downright starving! My vegetarian friend, his name is Shri , told me, it was because I was not eating some *proper* vegetarian dishes… and I was like, whatever that is supposed to mean. But , I honesty do know there are great vegetarian dishes out there, I am just yet to try them when I get back to cooking for myself or better yet going out to great vegetarian restaurants come 2019.
  4. It will improve your mood: This could just be me, but, I honestly felt a lot happier as days passed by. On the first day, I was grumpy because I had randomly withdrawn from eating something my body was used to getting. It’s rough, my friends. I also had to walk past the displays of  meat, the well-cooked ribs, and chicken curry sections in the buffet and just select on the few available vegetables options. See, here’s the thing, I love vegetables, but when it’s the only thing you have to eat, then it doesn’t go down well. It quickly turns into a love-hate relationship. I know you know what I mean. But as days passed by, the taste of the food and my mood only got better. I would suggest- preparing your mind and body prior as opposed to randomly shocking your body with a change of food choices.
  5. It will be a mental challenge: I mean there was that one day when I just couldn’t pass the meat pasta. It looked sooo good. And interestingly enough, I do not even like pasta like that. It happens to be because all you have to eat is veggies,. For this reason, all you will see is meat, meat and more meat. It is more of a mind game, and you will need to play it right.  Another tip, I would give, is try hang with people who are vegetarian, this way it is easier for you. Well, all the guys around me were strictly NOT vegetarian so, they would make fun of me, or tease me with the ribs (OMG! I LOVE well-made ribs!). So it was quite a challenge, but I did it! So can you!
  6. You will lose a certain % of body fat. Guys, I cannot even explain this, I mean- I am generally small bodied, but when I gain weight, it just decides to form a love handle, and it drives me nuts! But during this period (15 days): is the flattest I had ever seen my stomach. I am not sure if it was from being a vegetarian or from how hard I had been attacking/going hard my abs in the gym. But chances are high it is not the latter. Lol.  I consulted my good friend, (Shri) and he told me that it is very likely that it was because I had gone vegetarian. Hearing this from him, gave me confirmation. PS: Shri, has been vegetarian all his life. He claims to have 10% of fat in his body lol (which I will continue to make him believe that). I chose to not reign on his glorious parade. Ha ha!10% Fat, my foot…lol (PS: It could be true, I am just low hating)
  7. You will definitely lose some weight: I did not lose a lot of weight, I technically lost 1 Pound. But kindly note; this is because I was taking in Protein shakes during my vegetarian adventure. If you are looking to lose weight, well there you have it, thi is a great option. If you are looking to be vegetarian for other reasons but lose weight make sure you take protein-rich vegetarian dishes like beans, broccoli, or get you some protein shakes and bars. And plus I only did it for like 15 days. Which is half a month, I’ll try do it for a month come next year, when I am in a better position with better situations at my disposal, a.k.a, have Shri around, so that I can eat at his place. Lol!
  8. You will feel so accomplished: It will feel like you were in a race and won! That is, if you do complete the challenge. You don’t want to settle for silver (the, I tried but couldn’t), or the brass (the, I just can’t!). Here in the K Fam (-ily), all we do is win! So go ahead. Challenge yourself. Intentionally chose to go vegetarian or even vegan for a week, or better yet for a month and be sure to share the results with us , the K family. PS: Please don’t forget to hydrate.
  9. Vegetarian dishes are so affordable: Save your coins! Again, I am currently out of the country, I am not buying food or anything of that sort. But one thing know for sure, is, Vegetarian food is the most affordable on the menu as far as I am concerned.  This is not always the case depending on the restaurant of choice. Again, I did consult Shri on this (he is back currently back home in the United States) so I know he knows better and again, he has been vegetarian all his life, there couldn’t be a better example guys!



 First things, first. So much respect for all the vegetarians out there, you rock! This was truly an experience. I am so glad I did it. I still feel like such a winner. I am however back to being the regular carnivore, but surprisingly, I miss being vegetarian. I really do, I am thinking of being a Partial vegetarian. And yes, I know that’s not a thing. But hey, can’t a girl invent? See, I was thinking and I arrived to the thought that I would make a great *CARNIVALIAN* or *VEGEVAL* (Carnival + Vegetarian). I just don’t know which name I should settle for as of yet, but intend on being one or the other. So tell me, would you go vegetarian? Yes? No? And why. I would love to hear from you.

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 Regardless, Good luck doing you!

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  2. I love how you write. Its as though I am in a class and you are talking to me…lol Thank you for this. I doubt I can make it a day being vegetarian though.hahah

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