How to deal with Target Acne (Pimple Face Mapping)

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 Hey guys, let’s talk target acne. On this article, I will be not be talking about the regular acne (I will be doing so in another article after better clarity from my doctor, so look out for that one). I will be talking about the type of acne that is on and off, whether on a regular or irregular basis. Do you sometimes break out in certain areas of your face and would like to know the reason behind why it is that the break out is showing only on certain/specific areas of you face? Well, if interested keep on reading.

 A majority would ask. What is target acne? Target acne is the type of acne that affects a specific spot on your face: that is, it picks a specific part (So annoying!) of your face and not your entire face (it chooses a *target spot*). Do you get what I mean? So knowing this, I will list the main causes of target acne on your face by section. See below:


  • Too Much sugary foods.
  • Digestive Problem ( Body is having a hard time breaking down the food you are eating)
  • Stress
  • Irregular sleeping schedule
  • Small Intestine Issue
  • Bad Tempers.
  • Too much worrying.
  • Product buildup (Using too many products)
  • Bangs
  • Hair Products
  • Wearing Dirty Caps/hats
  • Allergies
  • Hormonal Imbalance (Especially in women)
  • T-zone: Mainly it is because you are too oily.


  • Lungs ( This is rarely a cause)
  • Stomach problems
  • Dirty Pillow Cases
  • Too much Sugar
  • Dirty Mobile Phones
  • Allergies
  • Dirty Make Up Brushes
  • Blush ( Rarely a Cause)
  • Dirty Environment
  • Oil Build-Up


  • Kidney Imbalance ( This if for under the face/chin pimples; very rare)
  • Gynecological issues ( Visit your gynecologist)
  • Hormonal Problems (Most common- I am currently dealing with on painful pimple because it is that time if the month)
  • Resting dirty hands of face.
  • Toothpaste or chap stick (Very rare cause)



I feel like this is the part where it gets repetitive, because the simple answer is NOT/ AVOID doing what is causing the acne. For example; 1. Eating too much sugary foods: The remedy is DO NOT eat too much of sugary foods. 2. Irregular Sleep schedule: The Remedy is: Get enough rest/sleep. 3. Hair Products: Avoid getting hair products on your face, or ensure you cleanse face well after you wash your hair or try washing your hair before washing your body/face. With this, you get where I am getting at, right?

The remedies are pretty self-directive. The only cause that is NOT self-directive, is the gynecological issue. Well, on this, you will just have to make an appointment with your gynecologist because there is no other way out. While at it you could mention/ask any hormonal Imbalance remedies (medically).

But going by my Gynecologist’s advice, she suggested that I beginning to take a particular kind of birth control. This helps a lot with the female hormonal imbalance. Something, I am not a huge fun of (the birth control). Reason being that I was too scared. Thinking that I might not get pregnant, if I ever want to get pregnant in future but this is far from the truth bebes. I also think the stigma around birth control when growing up could also have played a role as to why I disliked them. Myths like if you birth control will make you gain weight, etc. This is not the case, you just need to consult your doctor on the best suited birth control for you. I initially opted not to take the advice, but a majority of my colleagues  at work (mind you they are medics), tell me that birth control really helped with their previous target and regular acne, painful cramping among other issues throughout their teenage hood and continue to. I am now reconsidering my decision and want to finally give it a try! You can subscribe to my channel here : because I plan on giving you an update ( on Video) of how that goes. Some people would think why take birth control when you are not sexually active? Trust me bebes, I am deployed (Out of the country) and I am nowhere near any intimacy situation, so don’t be afraid to start even if you are not sexually active. You can recommend this to even teenagers, Lets forget the old mentality and embrace progress. I have come to learn that it has more pros than cons. It is better to try and fail than fail to try, right? Again, be ensure to consult your gynecologist on the same.


Under the hormonal imbalance, this is brought about by something called the LH SURGE. I literally just learnt about this, like a few weeks ago from my doctor. (Yeah, I am in my 20’s and only learning this now). You guys can google more about this to find out more, but here is what I found. The LH SURGE is essentially a signal sent from the brain to the ovary, indicating that an egg is mature. The elevated levels of estrogen caused by the production of maturing egg can be sensed by the brain, and then the brain releases a surge of luteinizing hormone. This hormone bombards the ovary and causes the sac-like covering follicle surrounding the egg to thin, which enable the egg to escape. This is where the specific birth control suggestion comes in, it helps control this hormone. Kindly note, I said specific birth control, because not all birth controls help control this hormone. The luteinizing hormone search happens anywhere between 5 days to 36 hours before ovulation. PS: This is when you are MOST Fertile and Ovulation will take place 12-48 hours after the LH Surge is first detected. Which is most likely when your break out will occur. Which reminds me! Guys, I have a tale to share when I go back to making videos in 2019 about how I first experienced a serious LH SURGE, causing me the worst break out I have ever had in my life thus far. Leave a comment if you would want me to share this experience with you guys.

Last but not least, ensure that you are taking care of you skin on the outside as well. I mean cleanse, tone, exfoliate, moisturize and all that good stuff. Here is an affordable drug store products skin care video I made earlier this year on the products I use to keep target acne at bay. Subscribe to see the updated one in 2019.

Thank you guys for hanging with me this FriYAY! I enjoy sharing my experience and what I learn with you guys so feel free to leave any feedback or share your target acne tale because I like to hear from you too. See you next Friday! I post a New Article every Friday. Live, Love and Lake!

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I am not a professional medical practitioner. Just speaking from own experience.

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