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What is to De-clutter? This is the act of removing clutter from a room, an area, etc.

Guys, I chose this topic today because I realized that I am a small definition of Clutter itself. No, I do not mean I am a mess. I am more of what one could call an *organized clutter*, that is, an Organized individual that has way too much! I tend to keep more than I need or will ever need for that matter. I think an ‘organized hoarder’ sounds more befitting.

Whether organized or not, a cluttered life is not an attractive or admirable behavior and needs to be remedied as soon as you realize you are or about to be one of the clutter victims.

Like some of you may know, I am currently deployed overseas in the Middle East and have had to share a room with a colleague. Something so out of my comfort zone, considering that privacy for me is such a big deal: but isn’t it the same for everyone, I mean who doesn’t like privacy? But my, oh my, hasn’t the sharing not turned out to have more Pros than cons!

I have watched my roommate and friend in awe and admiration of how FEW items she owns and needs to survive. Like I sometimes legit get so mad thinking about how she does it.

Guys, I know we are all different. And some of us need a little more to survive, and it’s unfortunate that I happen to be one of them. I mean, we cannot all be the same. (Tries to find consolation). And if you are reading this article, then you know I am not alone. But, this is a judgement free zone. We own our shortcomings and strive to do better, don’t we?

This bad habit had followed me up to the Middle East. What do I mean by this? I had what I needed, but still continued to get/buy more. Not even having to live in a small space could stop me from my *get more* behavior. I just had too much stuff! Enough was enough. I decided to start with the present. I plan on De-cluttering my house when I get back home next year as well. I might actually film it on my YouTube channel here,  Be sure to subscribe if you would want to see that and more when I get back. #2019

So last Monday I decided to re-organize/ remove/ reduce clutter in my current small living space. And oh the feeling it brought! So Refreshing!

To many, the idea of having a simplified, uncluttered life with less stuff is always attractive. But if you are like me, on the struggle to “LESS IS MORE”, I am more than willing to share the few tips that helped me, because as we speak I can confidently say that even though I am not clutter free, I am without a doubt LESS cluttered. Below are 5 simple techniques to try:


  1. It all starts ‘upstairs’ (Mentality/Perspective): One thing I had to change was my thinking. See, when asked why it is that I continue to buy more even when I clearly do not need it. I learnt that I do it with futuristic scenarios in my head. Example of what goes through my head include: ‘I will get this incase this or that happens’. Maybe I might need it one day. In other words, creating excuses. Well, if you are in a similar boat my dear ones, when that day comes you will get that item that you so presently desire, and if you do not have the money for it at that time, then you can learn how to go without it. If it is not food or shelter, you will be fine. There is a huge difference between a good sale that you cannot pass and over-buying. Know the difference. While on this point, I’ll add this. If you feel like you need something, write it down. Don’t buy it as of yet. Wait for a week or two and see if you still need the item. If you do, then get it. Chances are very high that you will not want it or might even forget about it. Because there is a big difference between a need and a want. Remember, this mentality change will not happen overnight, it is one of those slow but sure processes but the key is to start. If you are waiting for a start sign here it is…… START.
  2. Try the Famous Oprah Winfrey Closet Hanger experiment: When it comes to wardrobe choices, hang all your clothes with the hangers in the reverse direction. After wearing an item, return it to the closet with the hanger facing the correct direction. After six months, you will have a clear picture of which clothes you can easily discard. This experiment could also be applied to a number of clutter areas in your home. Examples could include; baby toys if you area a mom, make up collection, old DVD collection that you have been holding on for years, book collection, shoes …. The list could only go on.
  • Donate/Give: Think about someone who needs that item more than you do. If you are too busy, you can chose to give away one item a day. This totals to 365 items a year! This will not only be fulfilling, but it will mean less cutter for you. And don’t you also not remember that a hand that giveth, receiveth?
  1. Make a List: Well, I am currently living in a small space because I am out of country. But if you live in a big space, De-cluttering can definitely sound overwhelming. Don’t attempt to De-clutter all in one day, Rome was not built in a day my dearest. It shall be a process, a fruitful process for that matter. Isn’t Rome beautiful? Make a list of the places you want to start De-cluttering. For example, your closet, kitchen, drawers etc. Be patient and pick your struggle. Slowly but surely you will learn like I did, that, LESS is indeed MORE.
  2. Try the 4 box method: I read this tip from a book called the minimalist. Get 4 boxes in your house label them as follows: *Trash* *Give away* *Keep* *Relocate*. And go through all your stuff, one by one, throw in each item accordingly. Some projects, for example, sorting out books or closet may take hours, but it will be very worthwhile.
  3. Last but not least: Guys, please don’t live in denial. Come clean with yourself because before starting anything, it is important that you acknowledge your clutter as a bad habit. Fix the bad habit before it becomes a disease. On a lighter note, as for others it might not even be cluttered. Your house might just be disorganized and poorly planned making your space look all cluttered and messy. Try organizing your stuff before changing anything. It might be blamed on the fact that it is all over the place or not strategically placed. But remember don’t use this as an escape route bebe. Fix yourself child!


So whenever, wherever or however you decide to get started, remember the top secret is to do it wholeheartedly and open mindedly.

One thing will be certain for sure. There will be a beautiful world of freedom and fresh air hidden behind all the clutter, how you get there will be ALL up to you!

Thank you guys for hanging. Always feel free to leave any feedback. Let me know what you think. Want more on lifestyle topics? Here


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